Gus John Consultancy provides services to governments, corporate organisations, universities, colleges, schools, local government, NGOs and civil society organisations.

These include:

-  creating bespoke better governance programmes for regional and local governments;

-  evaluating the implementation of equality and human rights legislation in organisations;

-  delivering mediation, conciliation and peace building programmes in conflict areas and applying a model for working with young people involved in gang and cult activity and gun and knife crime;

- developing youth employment and entrepreneur programmes linked to vocational training and lifelong learning, and building pathways to higher education;

-  executive coaching and mentoring;

-  management and development training and experiential learning and personal development courses for staff, management boards and students;

-  capacity building and leadership development for better governance;

-  constructing and monitoring corporate social responsibility and social investment programmes;

-  support in building and sustaining an equity and human rights culture;

-  change management and organisational review;

-  social audits and research;

-  programme planning and evaluation.

Please be aware that Professor Gus John is an independent consultant and charges for his services. Rates vary.

If you want to discuss a possible collaboration with professor Gus John, please contact him.


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