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  1. John W. Jackson says:

    Gus John
    Dear Professor; I am an African American in Washington DC and would like to be in contact with UK Diaspora groups to coordinate our work here in the USA as English speaking nations. In the Chesapeake, the historical population of Africans from the 18th Century has been primarily Nigerian and/or Ibo-Igbo. With the forthcoming Obama Summit, there is interest in knowing how the other regions feel and what they would propose as a common action for us, UK to USA; and for metropolitan Africa and the Sixth Region in conclave, so to speak. jwj

  2. David Steele says:

    Hi Gus, It’s David Steele. We spoke in 100 Black Men of London’s graduation yesterday (19th July, 2014). I was trying to tell you about the event in Luton that Selwyn Strachan will be speaking at.The event is being held by 100 Black Men of Luton. I cannot attend as I have a prior engagement and I know you have been asking for the truth as to what happened in Grenada in 1983. I think this will be a perfect opportunity to ask some questions that can provoke interest in the topic and prevent more cover ups.
    I have sent you a Facebook invitation. I apologise for the informality but it is the quickest way to get the message to you.
    I do hope you are able to attend this event.

    Kind Regards

    David Steele

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