“He was a warm and inspirational speaker whose words now adjourn my office (…) Many staff and students thanked him personally afterwards and were moved by what he had to say”

Gerry Wadwa, Head of Featherstone High School


Professor Gus John delivers keynote speeches on wide range of issues. His previous speeches include:

– equality and human rights;

– development and social investment;

–  global education;

– corporate ethics and tackling corruption as a barrier to social, economic and political development;

–  modalities for African Union/African Diaspora Reunification;

–  schooling, education and the case for an international learner’s charter for schools;

–  working towards a ‘nil exclusions’ record in schools;

–  higher education and the labour market;

–  youth justice, ‘race’ and crime;

–  young people, street violence, school exclusions and crime;

–  arts, culture and identity.


If you want  professor Gus John to join one of your events as a speaker, please contact him.


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